Eton and Windsor 2016

I knew when I was heading for Windsor that Eton was close by, but I didn’t realise it was just on the other side of this lovely bridge.

View from the bridge. There were literally hundreds of swans.
Eton Village

Eton College surprised me. The buildings are spread around, not closed off as in a normal school, and students and teachers wander backwards and forwards across the road.

The Chapel, closed unfortunately.








It was also a shock to get out of the train, look up, and find Windsor Castle towering over me. I didn’t expect it to just be there, so to speak.

The castle, towering over the village.

I had lunch in between exploring Eton and Windsor at this shopping arcade opposite the castle.

The entrance.

This was the moat, now a garden.

You have to admit, size-wise this is a pretty impressive building.

Windsor is on the flight path to Heathrow. There’s a plane every couple of minutes.

A performance for the tourists
The Queen’s entrance to her private apartments.

I had photos of some of the rooms, plus of St George’s Chapel but they were lost thanks to a wonky camera card. Luckily, I still have these to jog my memory of my visit to Windsor.

5 thoughts on “Eton and Windsor 2016

  1. Suzanne Byrne

    What gorgeous Eton buildings Coral! The facades anyway, I expect the interiors are magnificent as well.
    Can you transcribe the plaque ; …… …”the instruction of Boys and ????” At first glance it looks like tarts but assume it’s not haha!


    1. Loved the buildings, Suzanne. The plaque reads: “… for the instruction of Boys and Girls of Eton Parish.” I desperately wanted to make a not totally acceptable comment on the name but then chickened out. I was initally surprised to see a sign for a porny school.


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