Chichester Cathedral

Not having had time to go anywhere to write about in the last few weeks, I’m returning to my trip to England in September 2016, where I had arrived in Chichester and spent the first morning walking the city walls and beautiful Priory Park. To read that post, click here.

Anyone who’s not interested in cathedrals should click off now as I’m besotted with them and am likely to become a bit boring.

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Tarra-Bulga National Park, Victoria

After my exploration of the villages along the South Gippsland coast, I stayed at Yarram, a short distance north of Port Albert. It’s a spotless town, with the wide streets that Australian country towns have, and all amenities needed to make it, I would think, a very comfortable spot.

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South Gippsland Victoria

After a very busy Christmas, I took a couple of days break in South Gippsland. Even though I grew up in West Gippsland and have lived in Victoria all my life, I’ve never really explored south-east of Western Port Bay before.

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Aireys Inlet, Great Ocean Road, Victoria

Relatives of mine live in one of the world’s magical spots. I may be exaggerating but that’s how it affects me. Aireys Inlet is on Victoria’s iconic Great Ocean Road, about 120 kms north-west of Melbourne. I’ve been dumping myself on them periodically for years, to clear out the cobwebs of the city and take advantage of the cliffs, the beach, the trees and birds and the quietness of nature, not to mention the free accommodation and some very nice cooking.

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Point Nepean National Park, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

Having explored the Point Nepean Quarantine Station, I wanted to continue to the tip of the peninsula. A fine day was forecast, so I headed out early and was in Sorrento for a coffee by 8am.

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Point Nepean Quarantine Station, Mornington Peninsula

Having braved Sorrento in the rain, I returned the next weekend in the sunshine. This time I passed straight through and stopped a short distance along at the Portsea Pier, in Weeroona Bay, for my morning coffee.

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Sorrento, Mornington Peninsula.

Sorrento is at the far end of the Mornington Peninsula, one of the two arms that almost enclose Victoria’s Port Phillip Bay.

Map by Adam Carr

They were having one of their street markets and, though the weather looked ominous, I decided to risk it and go down for a look.

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Chichester’s City Walls

On my first morning in Chichester, I was up before breakfast. I wanted to walk the old city wall, running directly behind my hotel and encircling the heart of the city.

The Romans invaded Britain in 43AD. In around 44AD, they built a fort on the site of Chichester, as being a good source of water from River Lavant and close to a harbour for the bringing of supplies from France.

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Springtime in Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens

A few days ago, mild temperatures and sunshine were forecast. I took the opportunity to head into the Royal Botanic Gardens for some much needed exercise and sun. I had never properly explored them before, sticking mainly to the edges along St. Kilda Road, or climbing the hill to the Sidney Myer Music Bowl, an outdoor entertainment venue that’s hosted hundreds of performers over the years. The Bowl sits in a valley surrounded by hills.

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