Grampians National Park

A couple of months ago, after the passing of my dear Dad at the grand old age of 100, I headed out for some R & R, choosing the Grampians.

Three hours north-west of Melbourne, the Grampians is a series of rugged sandstone mountain ranges and forests. It’s one of Victoria’s most popular holiday destinations for camping, climbing, scenic drives and bushwalking.

I stopped at various country towns along the way. It was a rather gloomy morning in Ballan but I got a good feel about the place when I saw this in the gazebo in the centre of town.PXL_20220814_232529512

PXL_20220815_000255607 (2)
A rather gloomy morning in Ballan.

The golf course and parkland are at the back of the shops. Such a pretty town.PXL_20220815_001518087PXL_20220815_001358026




PXL_20220815_020923418 (2)


PXL_20220815_021014453 (2)

And Ararat, with its beautiful Town and Shire Halls.



I stayed at Grampians View Cottages and Units, just outside Halls Gap, the main town of the Grampians.


Early morning at my tourist park.


And yep, those are emus. They came over as I was sitting outside one day, to relieve me of my lunch. A touch intimidating.


I set out early the first morning.

Farmland with the Grampians in the background.


The animals seem almost tame. It’s unusual for a wallaby to stop and just look at you.

PXL_20220815_211738890 (3)

Halls Gap Village


I loved this mural.

I couldn’t do any major walks. I damaged my foot a while ago, and it being winter and the ground being muddy and slippery, I couldn’t risk twisting it. But I got a decent dose of nature anyway.







I love the Grampians. I think it’s all that stone. So grounding. After three days I headed home via the town of Maryborough, a place I haven’t explored before, which I’ll cover next time.

21 thoughts on “Grampians National Park

    1. Thanks for your thoughts, Darlene. Dad lived a long and pretty fascinating life, when you read his memoirs. A lot of experiences in 100 years. And yes, the Grampians is a fabulous spot. So nurturing. And the animals seem so used to people, they’re virtually tame, which I love.

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  1. Hey Coral, my warmest condolences for the passing of your father. 100 is an impressive age to reach, I can only imagine what an incredible life had had and the things he witnessed. I’m guessing this hike was good for the soul, drinking in wildlife and nature as companions for your thoughts. I wasn’t at all familiar with the Grampians, so I enjoyed this piece very much. Lovely that there were also injections of art along the way, good fir the soul.


    1. Thanks for your thoughts, Leighton. Yep, he led a long and very interesting and creative life, and very much ran his own show right to the end. The Grampians were definitely what I needed. I’ll be back and give myself more time next trip. Cheers and thanks, Coral.

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    1. Thanks for your thoughts Glenys. I’m now an orphan, which is a strange thing to realise … and the oldest in my tribe. Oh dear, I don’t think I’ll put too much time into that. And yes, the Grampians is a special place, I think. This is only the second time I’ve been there, what with it being quite a long drive but I will definitely be back. Summer will be good when the tracks are less dicey.


  2. Because it has been a while since you wrote (I just started again recently too), I forgot for a second or two that you were in Australia and didn’t recognize the name Grampians. But that just meant I enjoyed your post all the more. Fond of murals, I too really liked that one and wish I could see it.
    I have observed over the years that no matter at what age, the loss of a parent is hard. You have my sincere sympathy.


  3. Suzanne Byrne

    I still haven’t made it to the Grampians and your wonderful photos suggest it’s time to make a plan . Final Jazz @Bowl 23/10


    1. That’s next on your list, Suzanne. Not sure about the jazz. I’m thinking of doing a trip up the Murray, perhaps from Murray Bridge up to Renmark and back down via Mildura, etc. See what happens.


    2. Hi, Suzanne. Not sure whether my original reply got to you so I thought I’d try it again. The Grampians will be next on your list. Not sure whether I’ll make it to the jazz. I’m thinking of another trip, maybe starting at Murray Bridge and following the Murray up to Renmark then back through Mildura, etc. Love the Murray. Cheers.


  4. Commiserations regarding your dad. Always sad to lose a loved one however old they are.
    Your picture of the emus reminds me of an encounter with some in a French wildlife park. They were running free around the grounds and were clustering around us while we were having a bite to eat outdoors in the cafe. Turn your head and they would snatch food off your plate! No scaring them away at all.


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