Emerald and Puffing Billy.

There comes a time when you absolutely have to get out of your house away from routine and what feels like duty and into the real world. Last Thursday was one of those days.

I headed up into the hills, to a nice little village with the delightful name of Emerald. It’s one of the stopping points for the Puffing Billy Heritage Railway. The century-old steam train runs for 24 kilometres on its original track through the forests and farmland of the Dandenong Ranges, from Belgrave to Gembrook.

This is a poster on the wall of the Gembrook railway station. Note the vintage of the cars.

I passed under one of the trestle bridges on the way through. It looked a bit rickety from down below. No doubt they keep an eye on it.

I found a lovely little cafe for my morning caffeine fix, then headed out for some much-needed nature. Emerald is one of the stops along the way for the train and I was delighted to hear its whistle as it entered the station, bringing back childhood memories, then headed off again on its way.

I wandered alongside the track to a pathway leading down the hill.

Looking across the railway track at Emerald, a very pretty part of the Dandenongs.

If the walking is not enough exercise for you, you can stop for a workout on the machines.

There’s a little lake at the bottom. It was just what I needed after what seemed to be months tied to the computer.

Back in town, my timing was good. Puffing Billy was passing through again, this time with its black locomotive.

An intriguing venue for the Emerald theatre group.

I continued through to the end of the line, Gembrook,

and there was the train, the carriages now resting at the station, the engine still puffing.

I just love steam trains. I used to catch one to secondary school every day. I can still  feel that steam as we crossed the bridge with the train passing underneath.

16 thoughts on “Emerald and Puffing Billy.

  1. What a lovely time through Emerald and Gembrook, Coral. I remember riding Puffing Billy as a kid, fond memories there. Some time ago I took a trip down to that area and it was just as I remember it. I really is a lovely place to walk – quiet, peaceful and lovely bits of nature all round to look at. Lovely photos 🙂

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