Cockington Green Gardens, Canberra

On my way out of Canberra, I stopped off at Cockington Green Gardens, a display of meticulously handcrafted, miniature buildings from around the world, set in beautifully landscaped gardens. I love miniature villages. They give permission for my child to come out again just for a little while.

Entry to Cockington Green Gardens

You can’t really get the full experience of these lovely creations without actually seeing them in the flesh, so to speak, but I hope my photos will give you a bit of look at them.

The business has been owned and operated by the Sarah family over four generations. The patriarch of the family visited the UK and came back with a love of English architecture, and so the display begins with replicas of English villages and then moves through icons from around the world.

It was named after Cockington Village, a quaint little village in Torquay, Devon.

Lavenham, Suffolk
Cornish Cottages
Manor House. Lewes, Sussex
Braemar Castle, Scotland

Huntingdon on The Great Ouse River


The Ferry Inn. Horning, Norfolk Broads

This Postmill was originally used to grind corn at Aldringham, until it was moved  in 1923. Local residents complained about the tower’s appearance, so The House in the Clouds was constructed to camouflage it. There’s a solution to everything, if you just open your mind up a bit.

The House in the Clouds and Postmill
Duxford Mill, Cambridgeshire
It’s England. You have to have a maze.

A gardener cutting the grass – with scissors

St. Andrij (St Andrews) Church, Ukraine
Karlstejn Castle, Czech Republic
The Treasury, Petra
Borgund Slave Church Norway
A village in Antioquia Region, Argentina
Chateau of Bonjnice, Slovakia

This Australian gold mining scene was partly constructed by Anthony Barker as part of his year 12 assessment. It is based on the Central Deborah Gold Mine, established in Bendigo, Victoria in 1939 and is representative of goldmines of that period.

Caminito, Buenos Aries
Triumphal Arch, Palmyra, Syria
The fortress-palace complex of Masada, Israel


You can catch the Somerset and Dorset Steam Railway if you feel like resting your legs.

On the way out, I passed through the gift shop to check out the most magnificent dolls house I think I’ve ever seen. I’ve always loved dolls houses, though strangely, not dolls.

‘Waverley’, 34 room Georgian-style dolls house.

Cockington Green Gardens is just 15 minutes from the city on Gold Creek Road, Nicholls. I recommend it if you’re heading in or out of Canberra. It’s a magical place. Well, my child thinks so, anyway.




9 thoughts on “Cockington Green Gardens, Canberra

  1. This is amazing. I’ve been to Cockington Village and it is how I remember it. I love the international aspect of it too. Yes, my inner child would be in heaven there.


  2. Penny Caulfield

    I have been to Canberra but missed this beautiful experience I too have an inner child who would love this place, a good excuse to return.


  3. Hi Penny, Toni told me about it before I went or I would have missed it too. It’s actually off the highway, so if you’re not looking, you fly straight past. Gorgeous place, especially with the sun out.


  4. I love that place, Coral. Haven’t been since the girls were school age (>20 years ago), but I’d love to go back. Just a kid at heart, after all. Thank you for the update.


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