Sorrento, Mornington Peninsula.

Sorrento is at the far end of the Mornington Peninsula, one of the two arms that almost enclose Victoria’s Port Phillip Bay.

Map by Adam Carr

They were having one of their street markets and, though the weather looked ominous, I decided to risk it and go down for a look.

It’s an hour’s drive for me and by the time I got there, the rain seemed to have set in.

Sorrento’s main street (Ocean Beach Road) on a rainy day

I stopped in the lovely old Hotel Sorrento, looking out over the bay, for my morning caffeine fix.

Hotel Sorrento

I could have stayed all morning in the warm cocoon of the dining room,

looking out at the rain running down the windows,

but eventually I put my book aside and headed out.

Between 1890 and 1920, a steam tramway took passengers from the Sorrento Pier around to the back beach, at the other end of town.

A reproduction of the steam tram platform has been built where it was originally, just below the hotel. I so wish it was still running. It would have been great fun.

Sorrento has retained many of its beautiful old limestone buildings.

The Continental, another huge hotel at the entrance to the town.

You’d think I’d know by now that if it’s raining, I need to wipe the camera lens now and then.

There are quite a few mansions around the place. If I was offered this one, I wouldn’t say no.

You might have picked up by now that Sorrento is quite upmarket. The shopping strip contains many designer boutiques, gift shops and cafe/restaurants. It’s a serious tourist hub on weekends and especially in summer. In fact, one of the locals I knew quite well, once complained he couldn’t get a spot on the golf course or in a restaurant during the summer holidays for all the visitors taking over.

Showers came and went, as I wandered around the market stalls, dotted along each side of the street.

I liked this man’s wood carvings. Set up with light behind they look lovely.

Wood carvings by Simon McDonald. Tel: 0409 408 002

So colourful
Home made lemonade. That’s not something you see much of these days.

One thing I’ve discovered is that I’m incapable of passing a fudge stall without stopping. I had to try some of this as it won first prize at the Melbourne Show. I went for chocolate, as I always do. Some fudge is a bit gritty I find, but this was smooth and delicious. So much for my post-winter diet.


At the far end of the shops is a quirky gallery. Named Happy Days, it’s an eclectic collection, much of it from the fifties and sixties. The proprietor looked like he came from that era as well, with his Elvis Presley hairdo. I should have asked him to pose for me. Darn! Missed that one.


Too true

But this is really what I get in the car and drive for.

Sorrento Back Beach

There’s a half a kilometre track from the lifesaving club up to the lookout rotunda, giving terrific views of the coastline.

The back beach is a great family spot, with a cafe and kiosk, a large car park and picnic area with toilets.

Coppins track, which starts at the kiosk, is a three kilometre guided historic walk that winds around the cliff tops to Diamond Bay, tracing the history of the area over the past 100 years. I had to leave that for another day as I had to get going.

The rain stopped and the sun peeped through as I was leaving so I was able to get  decent photos of the lovely gardens looking out over the bay.

This is the pier and terminal for the Car and Passenger Ferry. Two ships provide hourly departures between Sorrento and Queenscliff.  If you’re heading across to the other side of the bay, the 40 minute trip saves you driving all the way back up the Mornington Peninsula, through the city and back down the Bellarine Peninsula.

Queenscliff Sorrento Ferry – Photo by John O’Neill
Map – Travel Victoria





14 thoughts on “Sorrento, Mornington Peninsula.

  1. Jane

    Coral, your photos and comments about Sorrento make me want to go back for a visit as soon as possible….thank you. Great photography. Have to chat to you about your camera.


  2. Penny Caulfield

    Great photos Coral I love Sorrento but I have never been there when the market has been on, I love markets so will keep my eyes open for it.


  3. That’s Melbourne’s weather for you, Anabel. I would have hung around longer but I had to go out that night. Thank heavens for my gorgeous new puffer jacket with its hood. I can go anywhere now and not worry about the rain or cold. Cheers.


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