Apollo Bay, Great Ocean Road, Victoria

Sliding down a muddy incline at a football ground on the worst day of winter and wrecking the ligaments in your foot, is not conducive to travel. A moon boot and crutches make exploring the world difficult, hence my lack of blogging for a while.

A few weeks ago, again able to drive and hobble around, I headed down to Apollo Bay at the western end of The Great Ocean Road for a break before the Christmas rush. Strangely, the only time I’d even seen Apollo Bay was when I passed through on my way to Adelaide twenty years before.

A misty arrival in Apollo Bay

I spent three and a half days there, mostly relaxing, re-grouping after what had ended up being a rather challenging year, one way or another. Although it’s very much a tourist spot, the main street busy with campervans, caravans, etc., it seems to me to still have the feel of a village. It’s a lovely place for a break, nestled between the bay and the Otway Ranges.

Apollo Bay in the mist
Looking across the golf course to the bay

I stayed at the unusual-looking Sandpiper Motel, across the road from the beach, two blocks from the shops. Very convenient, very comfortable.







Sunrise at Apollo Bay

A community market is held every Saturday along the foreshore. There’s a very nice range of quality, hand-made products, really worth stopping for if you’re around at the time.

Apollo Bay fishing fleet

At the marina is the Apollo Bay Fishermen’s Co-op, a fish restaurant. I fancied a fish lunch but after checking out the prices, I opted for pasta in town.

Apollo Bay Fishermen’s Co-op

I took the ocean road home to call in on relatives at Aireys Inlet, stopping at Kennett River and Wye River on the way through.

Kennett River wetlands

Coffee at Wye River General Store

My favourite spot on The Great Ocean Road. Split Point Lighthouse, Aireys Inlet


34 thoughts on “Apollo Bay, Great Ocean Road, Victoria

  1. Like you it’s a place I’ve stopped on my way between the two capitals, in my case going the other way.
    I’m a sucker for lighthouses so I understand why the lighthouse was a favourite spot!


    1. You can walk for miles along the coast if you want to, Glenys, or just lie around and do nothing – or both. I’ve got it on my list now as a good holiday spot. Not cheap though, accommodation-wise, that’s the only problem.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi,
    Love your easy writing style and pictures which enliven the winter darkness here in the UK. After reading and watching so much about Australian bushfires, it’s nice to reminded that there are many, many, many beautiful spots in a land I have never visited, nor likely to either. Nevertheless it’s nice to read about yoour exploits.
    Keep on rocking!


  3. We went to Apollo Bay years ago when we lived in Melbourne – it is such a beautiful place and a lovely drive along the Great Ocean Road. So sorry to hear about your foot injury – it must have been a challenging time and glad you are on the mend now 🙂


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