Chichester Cathedral

Not having had time to go anywhere to write about in the last few weeks, I’m returning to my trip to England in September 2016, where I had arrived in Chichester and spent the first morning walking the city walls and beautiful Priory Park. To read that post, click here.

Anyone who’s not interested in cathedrals should click off now as I’m besotted with them and am likely to become a bit boring.

Chichester Cathedral is in the very centre of town, right in the middle of the shopping precinct.

Chichester Cathedral
The Nave

I wandered around for awhile with the other tourists. Each hour there’s a pause while a priest delivers a short, quiet prayer from the pulpit. We were not expected to pause as well but everyone did, and it gave the whole place a lovely tranquil feel.

Arundel altar screen
The Altar and the John Piper Tapestry

The figures on this tomb represent Richard Fitzalan, 3rd Earl of Arundel and his wife Eleanor, who were buried together in the 1300s. The lady’s crossed legs, giving the effect of turning towards her husband, is rare. And their hands are joined, showing affection, also unusual for the time where the husband was a knight rather than a civilian. A happy marriage, I think.

I wandered along the cloisters and couldn’t believe my luck. An open door led to a bright, airy restaurant, offering a buffet lunch of cold meats, salads and fruit, all for the price of, can’t remember exactly, but it was round A$8.00. It’s quite difficult to eat healthily when on the road, I find, anyway, unless you pay for expensive restaurants. I start yearning for a spot of cauliflower or broccoli and I don’t even like them. I piled up my plate, ordered a coffee and found a place looking out onto the gardens.

The Cloisters

Bright, airy reataurant

There’s a lovely feel about Chichester Cathedral and its surrounds, as if it’s as much a community centre as a church.This was the only cathedral I visited in England that didn’t charge to get in. I personally think that once you buy a ticket to a church, it should cover at least a couple of days. Some are just too much to take in in one go.

And so, I was able to go back again the next day for another look and for the restaurant’s Sunday roast.

While I was  taking photos of the quire, a woman suggested I hang around for the sung service that was about to start and so I attended my first ever Church of England mass.

The Quire


Bell Tower




After my roast lunch, I wandered around quiet back streets of Georgian terraces and old churches.

All Saints Chapel
St. John the Evangelist

Later in the afternoon, I returned to my digs at The George and Dragon Inn for a Pressecco in the beer garden (very convenient having a beer garden attached to your bedroom), before packing up in preparation for leaving next morning for three days in Canterbury.

Breakfast on my last morning, looking across the beer garden to my bedroom window.

I loved Chichester. I would be quite happy to come back and spend more time having a really good look around the area. It would also be a great spot to stop in the middle of a trip for a break.

And I would stay at The George and Dragon. And I would definitely time it to catch shows at both theatres, something I missed this time, seeing I forgot they don’t work Sundays.


14 thoughts on “Chichester Cathedral

  1. Penny Caulfield

    I could visit the Cathedrals and Churches in England and Europe every day. So much of the history of the area is to be found in them and also some of the best art was often given to the Church.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Did you make it to the Roman villa at Fishbourne while you were in Chichester? I am another fan of cathedrals, on my last trip to England I was very struck by Ely.

    BTW, Pret a Manger has salads as well as sandwiches if you want veggies cheaply.


    1. I was very disappointed that I didn’t get to Fishbourne, along with other spots around the place. That’s why I want to go back. I was very tired at the time too, which doesn’t help. I found that catching trains around was harder work than I expected. Cheers.


  3. Very impressive cathedral. We had intended visiting Chichester but detoured to Arundel. By the time we left there, it was getting late and we found ourselves on the ferry to the Isle of Wight! Hopefully, we will return one day.


  4. I too love cathedrals and never get bored with them. I loved the Liverpool Cathedral and the York Minster is amazing. Of course, now living in Spain I have seen some fabulous cathedrals here as well.


  5. I haven’t seen Liverpool yet but I did go to York. I couldn’t quite get my head around its size, rambling all over the place. Last time I made it to Ely and loved it and Manchester is dark but has a lovely feel about it, I thought. Oh dear, so little time, so many cathedrals.
    Continued good luck with your books. You seem to have the marketing under control.

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