Free Book Offer: Is This the Road to Stratford?

My travel memoir, Is This the Road to Stratford?, has now been published with Amazon for three months. Time to celebrate! For 5 days, from Thursday 15th June till Monday 19th June, I am offering the Ebook for nothing – zilch – FREE.

In 2011, I landed in Manchester. In a malevolent rental car, baffled by indecipherable road signs and huge roundabouts, I journeyed from Yorkshire through Derbyshire, Warwickshire and Oxfordshire, to London.

On the way, I discovered medieval cities and great heritage estates;

Castle Howard, where two versions of ‘Brideshead Revisited’ were filmed

pretty villages, pubs and chicken and leek pie;

Elm Tree Inn at Embsay, Yorkshire

a castle where Robin Hood could actually have fought it out with the Sheriff of Nottingham;

Skipton Castle
Stone-paved courtyard in Skipton Castle with 350 year-old yew tree holding pride of place

and the mighty home where Miss Elizabeth Bennet fell for a dripping Mr Darcy, fresh from his dip in the lake.

Lyme Park, the location for the filming of the mini-series, ‘Pride and Pejudice’, with the lake where Mr. Darcy took his dip

In Oxford, I wandered the streets, soaked in history and academia.

Balliol College-my digs at Oxford


I communed with my favourite authors, the Brontes

The Bronte family vault at St. Michael and All Angels Church, Haworth.

and Charles Dickens,

Staple Inn, one of London’s Inns of Court, used by Dickens in ‘The Mystery of Edwin Drood’.
Barnard’s Inn, Pip’s and Herbert Pocket’s chambers in ‘Great Expectations’.

and slaked my thirst for theatre in Stratford-Upon-Avon

and London’s West End.

I learnt a lot along the way: that it’s unpleasant being woken on an aeroplane by a cup of boiling tea down your front; that you can’t smuggle a bottle of water through security at Kuala Lumpur airport; that you can see theatre in London for half the price of Melbourne; that Harrods is seriously weird, and that you need a university education (preferably at Oxford) to understand English road signs.

Is This the Road to Stratford? is book three in my Planning to the ‘Nth series. To download a free copy from Amazon, click here. The exact start or end of the promotion can vary, depending on where you are in the world. In Australia and surrounds, it will go through till Tuesday.

To access my other books, click on the ‘books’ icon in this blog.

Happy reading.  Cheers, Coral.




8 thoughts on “Free Book Offer: Is This the Road to Stratford?

  1. Jane Shellard

    Wow Coral. That’s great News! Well done. I’ve downloaded your book onto my kindle and will look forward to reading it,….after I finish my book club book. So impressed with managing all the technology involved in all that you do too. Love the front cover…fabulous, funny and eye catching. X Jane

    Sent from my iPad



    1. Thanks so much, Jane, for the feedback and for downloading the book. I have to admit, I often follow the technology with a stiff scotch. See you in a couple of weeks. Cheers. Coral.


  2. Hi,
    Just finished the book and posted a review on Amazon. Really enjoyed it. Great companion to our own travels.
    So much we could relate to. Dragging cases up narrow staircases, B&Bs that only take cash, retracing the steps of favourite TV programs and being disappointed to see places you were desperate to visit covered with scaffold and while sheets.
    Nice to see a travel book written for mature age travellers.


    1. Thanks so much, Browney., for taking an interest in my England book. The book is the third in the trilogy, the first being Tassie, and the second New Zealand. Thanks for your feedback and for the review. It means a lot to me. Cheers, Coral.

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